Monday, August 6, 2012

On Related Deliciousness

Remember the chocolate hazelnut pavlova? No? This pic might remind you.

I'm drooling with just the memories of this rich little number. I'll be remaking it this weekend for my extended family for graduation celebrations, only I'll be likely adding a bit of this to the mix.

So chocolately ...  so awesome! And what is even more awesome is this cheesecake.

Yes that is only a couple of small pieces but that was all that was left when I remembered to photograph it. It was a raspberry baked cheesecake, adapted from this recipe and was delicious. So delicious it turned a confirmed cheesecake hater into the biggest cheesecake fan on this planet (Curiousity may discover a bigger cheesecake fan on Mars but that's a bit of a long way off ...)

I'm making this cheesecake too for Saturday's celebrations. Though my brother might say otherwise, sometimes I guess it is good to be related to me! :)

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