Friday, August 31, 2012

Dressed for Success

I'm currently knee deep in tartan material and a skirt sewing pattern that has me puzzled. I'm sure I'll solve it soon, but I'm so new to using paper patterns that is can be a bit overwhelming. I thought, in an effort to regain my sewing mojo I'd show you my recent sewing success(es). I fell in love with this tutorial, it is a fat quarter dress and uses up the small bits of fabric I have lying around the place.

First I made a practice dress, sized for an 18 month old, with some awesome leftover fabrics. It turned out so well I'm going to hold on to it to give it to one of my friend's daughters one day.

This was the first time I had top stitched, and it was a great dress to learn that technique. I also made a lined version, adapted from the pattern but not following their lined version (which looked wonderful but seemed a little fussy and I thought my tweaks would work ... they did.) The lining is the same as the hem colour (a light blue floral on one side, dark blue on the other.) It is one continuous piece each side, attached to the same hem join as the original pattern. I can't describe it very well but suffice to say it did the trick.  Not the best photo just you at least get to see the colours.

I also used it yesterday, to make this dress, size 5 for a friend's daughter. Pattern with a purpose, let's just hope it fits.

Not bad really. The tutorial was excellent, and helped me learn a few pointers about sewing, like topstitching and serging edges.

 The only problem is, now I'm addicted to this one pattern! And I don't have any kids of my own so it is almost a little creepy to be making them. It isn't that I'm clucky, or that I want kids yet, but I thought if I cut my teeth on little people's clothes then if I made a mistake I would waste far less material. The lovely other half agrees, and instead of being freaked out by my toddler clothing making binge he supports it. My sewing space shares the room with his computer so it also means we get to hang out in close quarters while he smashes cars or shoots bad guys (or writes thesis) and I sew to my heart's content. And now that I have the hang of it I feel almost confident enough to tackle a me-sized article of clothing. Hence the skirt, though the pattern fiasco is putting me off a little. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have sewn a few other things lately. I finished my Mum's pressie, but wont show it here until I've given it to her. I also finished the lovely other half's apron, with beer fabric and a fabric I had printed which is little mariokart figures. He loves it!


 A couple more bags have joined the fold too, a magnificent flamingo one (I've already worked out who I want to give this to, I just have to get it to her) and a Frido Kahlo one which is just glorious. I'd give this to my Mum but she already has so many of my bags she mightn't want it.

Ok, back to the drawing board, well in this instance the cutting board to tackle that skirt. At any rate, if I stuff it up it is only opshop fabric I am ruining. And check out this opshop fabric haul I got the other day. Seven different fabrics ranging from 1 metre lengths to just over 2 metre lengths in a couple of cases. Altogether it cost just under $10, and included another couple of metres of yellow cotton (not pictured) as well as the awesome lace. I'm using the two metres of tartan for today's skirt.

And no, this isn't a sewing blog, it is still my teetotal 2012, it just seems I've replaced one addiction (social drinking) with a new one (sewing.)

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  1. Wow, my lovely, you are becoming a sewing superstar!!! Wish I had little girls so they could wear one of your dresses! So cute! x