Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pasta Mad

I've always been a pasta fan. Just ask my Mum and she'll tell you yes, indeedy, oh my word yes, all with a pained expression on her face. She loves pasta, she just doesn't get to eat it very often. She says Dad hates it and that's why they don't have it often. Except that, as I recall, for a long time pasta, in that house, was the vegetarian option for a Friday night, more ubiquitous than risotto. Dad suggests he loves pasta just not vegetarian food. So in her effort to make him eat healthier and have a meat-free day the pasta became the go to meal. Now it's just the gone meal. I reckon she should bring it back, and make is mainly meat free, or make a rich tomatoey sauce that is packed full of hidden veg. (for the record Dad does eat veg, and he is incredibly healthy for his age, he just subscribes to the meat is the main, veg is for the side menu of life.)

I swear my Mum thinks I eat pasta every meal of every day. I'm a big girl (just look at the grad pics in the last post) and going off alcohol has actually made me put on weight. But pasta and I know to keep our distance and it is a once or twice a week thing (when you are cooking for one, you never simply make one serve, you make at least 3, one for then, one for the next day and one for the freezer, hence if pasta is on the menu, it is on it at least twice) However, I am definitely a bit keen on it as you can see from previous TIBG blog posts.

The lovely bf and I decided to make our own pasta. I used to do this when I lived with mum and dad, but it is a bit of work and not that useful to a time poor girl who lives on her own (at least for a couple more days.) That, and I broke my pasta roller! The bf has his own pasta roller and we moved it in to my place the other weekend. And for once I have a benchtop that fits it.

The test run of pasta was just as good as I used to make, firm but light, with just the right 'toothiness'. Thank goodness for women's weekly recipes, triple tested to lock in the goodness.

I served some with a pesto, chorizo sauce, pictured above, and the later serves with some left over beef rib bolognaise. All were delicious. I will definitely be making more of this in future, though would love to eat it with a nice crisp glass of ...

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