Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blood Limes

We were really just on a mission to go to the Vic Markets, buy some food for the week and had one last stop to go. We popped by the usual stall to get some apples and get on home. But when we saw there little wonders we lingers with fascination and just had to try them. Blood limes - they're the finger lime accident that tastes just so good.

Though recommended for drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike) we managed to use them as a garnish for fish. The other half had it with his oven baked fish. I'm not a fresh fish girl so stuck with cardboard oven baken fish fingers (yes  I know most people think these are feral but I like them, and I gave up alcohol for a year so I have to have at least one other vice.) The blood limes were delicious when squeezed on both fish dishes.

The carrots we got from a stall at a farmer's market in Flemington were also rather delicious.

I love heirloom and wierd veggies and fruits - just see my gardening blog for proof.

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