Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trust me to forget it was a leap year

So it is on! One day down, and 365 to go. Darn this being a leap year and all giving me one extra day. I always thought those doing dry July had a bigger challenge than febfast, 31 days vesus 28! With a New Years countdown and a finished bottle of Moet by my side I saw in the beginning of this challenge. In the coming days I am going to post up some preliminaries. These include:

1. The Rules of the Teetotal 2012 (i.e. what am I doing, what can I do, what can I not do and where does Tiramisu fit in all this?)

2. The Rules of the "When will she crack" Sweeps (this will show how to put your 2 cents in, indeed what amount to put in, who wins what, who gives what, and all the nitty gritty stuff.)

3. Any additional details of others joining me on this journey, and more.

My awesome cousin Kate (welcome as the first follower of this blog) has kindly pledged to keep up with me in this quest to cleanse my liver. Granted she kind of needs to lay off the booze, with the + 1 homecourt advantage (in laymans terms she is having a baby) but I am so grateful she is doing this too. She has her own blog BTW, if you are interested, and she is a great writer.

Another lovely friend, Ms L is possibly joining me all or part of the way. She once managed to go 2 years without alcohol so looks like she is the goods. I'll keep you updated on these other alco-free peeps along the way too. Anyone else who wants to join in even for just a week or a month, feel free, and also feel free to share your stories here in the comments or even do a guest post (email me for this last one).

To everyone nursing hangovers yesterday I hope they weren't too bad. To anyone nursing one today I say wow, you must have had a blinder new years or simply haven't stopped. Here's to a year without hangovers, and to a year of a rejuvinated liver!

Happy New Years everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I may have the homecourt advantage at the moment, but that's only until April - after that I'll have to rely on willpower to stay completely teetotal!