Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting ready

It's definitely on - A Teetotal 2012 is nearing the starting line - I just need to do the following:

1. Drink up or dispose of all the alcohol in the house that is not used for cooking. New Years is the perfect excuse! (at least New Year until Midnight) The leftovers on my liquor shelf could make some pretty interesting (probably terrible) cocktails.

2. Buy a calender, preferably one with drinks or pubs on it to use for the sweeps.

3. Buy a Money jar - preferably on theme also - to keep the money for the sweeps in it.

4. Write and publish, on here, the rules for the sweeps, designed on New Years Eve with a little help from my friend the champagne bottle.

5. Willpower, find it, make friends with it, use it!

I floated the idea of a teetotal 2012 to my friends and family over Christmas. Some laughed, most baulked, several asked 'why' with no idea as to why I or anyone would want to do this. I am hoping over the course of time I will learn more of why I feel the need to do this.

But in a few days all will be in place for teetotal 2012! Goodbye hangover, hello happy liver.


  1. You go girl! You never know - I might just join you ... Can't drink for the next few months anyway - surely I can survive a few more?

  2. Thanks Cuz! You can join me for as little or as long as you like (indeed you could post date yours a few months and have a half 2011, half 2012!)