Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the first part of this first sober month ...

In the first half of this first sober month I have:

Driven halfway down Australia - Brisbane to Melbourne - with my awesome cousin
Contracted a massive ear infection in both ears on day 1 of this trip (which hasn't gone away)
Seen the Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains, Lakes Entrance, Canberra (bits of it)
Been made fun of by awful male backpackers in a gender imbalancer Coffs Harbour Hostel
Reminded myself I am too old for hostels
Eaten delicious Fish and Chips, on the beach, with seagulls surrounding us
Discovered that Katoomba is stuck in the 70s, but does great Korean food
Surveyed an amazing array of Australian accomodations
And rented a car which survived the whole trip despite my small amount of pain-addled driving! (my cousin did most of the driving and for that I thank her a thousand times!)

All these adventures were done while sober, and my travelling companion drank very little. I plan on posting the highlights on this blog soon, as a bit of a journal of my sober adventures. To be honest the massive ear infection has meant I don't want to drink (except when the pain got too much around 3am 4 nights ago where I considered drinking the hotel bottle of wine in an attempt to sleep) but still, it was my first holiday sober in years .

Stay tuned for the highlights and some crappy camera phone pictures ones the antibiotics and painkillers kick in. And as a bit of advice - if you get sick while on holiday, listen to you cousin and know that it is always best to see a Dr, no matter what you miss out on that day - otherwise you might just get a whole lot sicker without meaning it! That, and Drs will give you a sick certificate for your holiday if you ask them nicely (for my own benefit, not because I holidays are work!)

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