Monday, January 2, 2012

The Rules for Teetotal 2012

I guess it is about time I lay down the ground rules for this year long alcofreeness. In basic terms all I have to do is not drink alcohol for a year. Sounds easy enough, but so far my friends have come up with many questions, so I think it is better to just write a list of dos and donts, which can be added to as seen fit.

As part of Teetotal 2012 I:

1. Cannot consume any alcoholhic beverage for the entire of 2012, that's from Midnight Dec 31st 2011 to Midnight Dec 31st 2012

2. Cannot eat tiramisu, Lizzie trifle or any other dish that knowingly contains alcohol that has not been burned off

3. But can cook with alcohol where the alcoholic component is burned off (e.g. steak and guinness pie, risotto, red wine jus)

4. Can buy alcohol for the consumption of anyone but myself - though don't expect me to keep the house as stocked as usual, BYO would be polite

5. It does not count as cracking if you spike my drink (and it's not nice)

6. My boyfriend loves beer, delicious kinds of beer, and if I kiss him when he is drinking, it doesn't count.

7. Playing with my watch on New Years Eve is mean but allowable, luckily we got through the last one.

Anything else need clarification?

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