Monday, November 5, 2012

November Update

The most amazing fuschias are flowering in the balcony garden at the moment, I just had to share them with you. I'm gearing up for another hectic summer so the blogging has taken a little hiatus while I ramp up the relaxing, and I am afraid the blogging break willbe even when I venture into the world of teaching. I've been visiting my new school and getting prepared for the summer intensive that is all part of Teach For Australia. It is such an exciting turn in my life, and I look forward to my new career. However, it does mean I have to get the 'me' time in now. Apart from that prep, here are some highlights of my recent, alcohol-free weeks:

My dear friends bought an amazing house (their second!) and despite the fact that champagne was flowing I managed to steer clear and stay sober. And I didn't miss it, even though it was top shelf stuff.

Medication for my health issues has begun to work and I am feeling soooooooooo much better! The brain fog is still there on occassions but I can finally exercise again, which is a big relief. At some stages it was getting too hard to walk to uni and that is only 10 minutes up the road.

I went on a holiday to Adelaide. It's been the month for holidays - my rellos went to America, my folks to Vietnam and Cambodia and my cousin to New Zealand. Gee, I think they got the better deals out of that lot!

The garden is amazing! I'll post about it on Totally Inept Balcony Gardener soon. The tomato plants (all 28) are growing madly, there is a white eggplant, a yellow zucchini and a few mini cucumbers as well as a tonne of apples on the apple trees. I love my balcony garden, it makes me smile every day. Here is a view from both angles to give you the best impression of my second story green wonderland.

I've been sewing more dresses. I did this lot when I was in Adelaide and there are more to come. Mum donated a lot of the fabric (love you Mum!!!) while some came from op shops in SA. I aim to finish another 20 or so before TFA claims my waking life.

Op shopping - more wonderous finds. So far the Goodwill in Adelaide wins the best priced fabric award - all lengths were $2.50! I found some anazing vintage fabrics there, and have turned some into articles of clothing for deserving girls around the world already. I also found some great green goblets to break the teetotalness with this new years. Add in a few dresses, some threads and some bias binding and it was the best op shop trip yet. My lovely friend R who shopped with me managed at least 15 articles of clothing, so it really was the best day!

Phone games are addictive. Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes I am looking in your general direction.

The apartment next door has the cutest ginger cat who visits us almost every night (once they've gone to sleep methinks.)  As long as he doesn't wake me up (we sometimes sleep with the doors open) then I'm totally fine with the visitation 'arrangements'.

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