Monday, April 2, 2012

3 months down ...

And 9 to go. I did a bit of an observational round up at the 1/6th mark so it is only fitting that I do it at the 1/4 mark. Mmmmmm 1/4, sounds like such a big slice of pie when you think about it that way. So what did I observe this month?:

1. People are so sweet! Sometimes they forget I'm a no-booze hound this year and when they realise their error they apologise. It's not their fault I'm erring against the norm, and they really have no need to apologise but it just shows how sweet and caring my friends are. Love you all.

2. Major celebrations can be done alcohol-free. There is an amazing grape and berry juice that is the colour of a crisp rose, when drunk in a wine glass it can be very convincing. But really who am I fooling? One late guest thought I'd faltered already, and wouldn't believe me that it was just juice until it was tasted.

3. The problem with celebrations at home is that sometimes people leave alcohol behind - like a mostly finished bottle of champagne. It is still in my fridge, now flat as a tack and unappetising but I'm keeping it there. Usually it would have been finished off, but now, what to do with it (besides the sink!?!) It has to be thrown out, but at the moment it is serving as a little reminder (and oddly a big temptation)

4. Easter is going to be a challenge. I've been thinking about it for a while. My parents love excellent wine, they have impeccable taste. And there will be so much of it in Adelaide. Of course they are also super supportive of me in all my endeavours, and wouldn't make me drink ever, but just having the top notch stuff around will be tricky. Of note, my brother is a full-time teetotal so there are always non-alcohol options.

Not much new learned this month, and I'm still getting sick quite often (stupid ears) but hopefully, one day soon, the health benefits of this year off booze will pay off.

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  1. Hi Prue, This is a great blog ideas. It is interesting to read you journey into teetotalism. I've been a teetotaller for about three years, and love it. I can vouch for the fact that it can be hard to start (even 6-12 months in) but it well worth the effort. The benefits will come.
    I'm also based in Melbourne and have just started a blog on non-alcoholic beverages and lifestyle. It's at It only a week old and my modem had just conked it, but I have some interesting content coming up soon. I'll be interested to get your views.
    Cheers, Chris.