Sunday, February 12, 2012

Katoomba: The Land That Time Forgot

From Scone we travelled on to Katoomba - going from 30 degree heat, to a maximum of 13 degrees with fog, rain and a whole lot of need for a jumper. I was so grateful for the fingerless gloves I'd accidentally left in my handbag (a gift from Mum from Scandinavia) and the hat I bought for $4 at an opshop in a random NSW town (pictured later)

Katoomba, for me, was like a antiquer's dream. It was like stepping back into the late sixties or early seventies, with the well-worn buildings, copious amounts of op-shops and leisurely vibe. I loved it and could see myself moving back there and running a tumble-down hotel Fawlty Towers style.

Speaking of Fawlty Towers ... ok no, the place we stayed may have been old, and slightly falling down (complete with a hole in the window in the dining room) but it was no Fawlty Towers. The Cecil is full of lovely staff, plenty of character and I'd stay there again any day, even with the 6am false fire alarm. It felt like an old boarding school, with the seperate showers, dining room and sitting/reading/games room but it was great and also value for money.

We had two nights in Katoomba, which was lucky because I was getting sicker and really needed to rest. We spent our time meandering around old book stores and antique shops, eating the worst Thai meal and the best Korean meal (Indeed, I'd go so far as to say it was the best meal of the trip in my opinion) and trying to see the three sisters through all the fog. Here's the first attempt.

And here's the second, which was taken slightly later in the afternoon from the cable car at Scenic World.

The fog also made for some eerie memorial hunting (the historian in me loves memorials)

Down below the fog we found the rainforest. We got stupidly wet, not smart when sporting an ear infection, but just so much fun.

Beyond the cold and wet outdoorsy stuff there was even a trip to the chocolate factory.

Katoomba may be stuck in a timewarp, dreamlike state, but it is a timewarp that suits me just fine. The fog only added to the mystique! From here it was on to the Jenolan caves, bacon rock formations and Canberraaaaaaa.

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