Monday, December 31, 2012

It's over (or is it? ...)

So, in slightly surprising news it seems that I made it, 366 days without a drink. At New Years on the stroke of midnight there was a cheer, and a lovely bottle of french champagne was opened (donated by the lovely Dr M.) It was a very good tipple, and a generous offer from an amazing cocktail party host, but something was a little missing. This drink, what used to be my favourite amongst favourites, wasn't tasting so good. It seems that I've lost the taste for alcohol.

Not that I let anything like that stop me. After the second drink I was merry but content not to drink any more. And I think that's just where life post-teetotal 2012 is headed. Alcohol is part of my life, it is woven into the social fabric of my existance. And it is lovely to have the choice to have a beverage or two if I feel fit. But I am no longer its mistress and the desire to drink far less is a welcome one.

Given my new line of work, a drink or two on occasion will be warranted. A pint with the beau at the wonderful Crimean (with dumplings!!!) or a cocktail or just a glass of wine with dinner (that we've resolved to try and eat at the dinner table instead of in front of the TV) will be delightful, but not mandatory.

I wish Sammy all the best of luck with a Teetotal 2013, and best wishes to any one else who takes up the challenge. It is hard, and bewildered many people, but so worth it.

I might post a couple more times here, looking at longer term benefits and musings about my year without booze. And I'll definitely blog more over at Totally Inept Balcony Gardener just as soon as I work out how to put photos up. If beer is your thing, you should check out my partner's blog (link coming soon) which is about his Year IN Beer! Instead of pulling a teetotal 2013, he is drinking a different beer each day, no double ups! Luckily he drank his Jan 1st beer last night just after midnight as he is sporting a cocktail-induced hangover this morning.

Happy New Year everybody!

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