Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Funtimes in the Kitchen

Two blogs in almost as many days - some might say I've caught me a blogging bug, though most would just realise it is marking time and I'm doing anything to avoid it! Other at my usual blog TIBG I showed some of the things I've been cooking with home grown lemons and limes. But here is a dish that didn't take anything from the balcony garden - a chocolate hazelnut pavlova!

It is chocolate and caramel bits heaped upon chocolate custard which has been smeared across a hazelnut torte. Stupidly rich but utterly delicious!

For those of you offended by this calorific housewarming gift then here are some less offensive dishes using produce from the balcony garden that have come out of this kitchen lately.

Which would you prefer?


  1. hi..can i have the recipe for chocolate hazelnut pavlova ?

  2. No Worries Azhana, I'll do a post on it in the next few days but I fear my recipe may not be exactly correct (I made the recipe up!) Basically it is a hazelnut pavlova base, with chocolate custard and any chocolate thing you want on top of that.