Monday, March 19, 2012

I totally forgot about Canberra ...

I was blogging about travelling when I stopped to have a rant, and completely forgot about Canberra. Though that probably sums up my views about the place. I was pretty terribly ear infected by then (and am currently suffering from my third ear ache for the year, what fun!) but it didn't really capture me like other places we visited on our trip.

The highlights?:

The Portrait Gallery
Catching up with Uni colleagues for dinner
Realising my bf would love this statue (he loves several things about Canberra, and about this one, I was right.)

Revisiting the National Gallery and seeing the Magritte yet again, and this cool statue

Walking everywhere because it was delightfully flat.
Our deal of the holiday - 4 and a half star room at Rydges on capital hill - we could see Parliament house and it barely cost a thing! The foyer was a bit dated but our room was awesome, clean, comfy and so large.

The lowlights:
Where are the shops in Canberra?
Being so delirious and deaf I couldn't hear or comprehend much of what went on, though that really isn't Canberra's fault.
The Rennaisance exhibition, it's great, but not my cup of tea. Too many Mums and babies (in the crowd and in the paintings.)
Roundabouts (it is a ubiquitous complaint.)
The fact is was just, so, blah - it meant I really didn't take many photographs of it.
Thai food, yet another place that doesn't seem to get it right.

This was also the first time when I really wanted a drink. Indeed it wasn't just one drink - I wanted to down an entire bottle of over-priced hotel red wine just to make the pain go away. Instead I sprawled out on the bathroom floor (it was cool and I was burning up) playing matching gemstone games on my Motorola, while sporadically texting the bf at 3am. At least by retreating to the bathroom I didn't wake my poor cousin as much. So glad I didn't give in, as I don't like paying for hotel wine at the best of times given their ridiculous prices, and certainly not when I'm playing sober Sally.

So that was Canberra. Pretty forgettable really ... though maybe my trip there in July for the IABA conference will change my mind.

Then again we can't judge things purely by how little photography was taken - this is the only redeemable shot of Lake's Entrance, the last stop on our trip, and it was a thoroughly delightful place. We even had delcious fish and chips (that sadly did not get photographed.)

So that was the trip. I'd travel again with my cuz any day, she is the best travel companion. Though I am not sure she would be up for a trip with me again - if I got an earache this time, there is no guessing what tropical disease I'll concoct for an overseas trip.

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